DNS Lookup: Multi DNS?

Checking A record for mx.n.shifen.com using Unbound DNS server (
(or click here to check using the Google DNS website.)

mx.n.shifen.com is an alias for mx.wshifen.com.
mx.wshifen.com has address

Run domain blocklist check for mx.n.shifen.com.
Did you receive spam from mx.n.shifen.com? Try looking up where to send a spam report using abuse.net.
Or check its IP address in ARIN and look for an abuse contact.

Multi DNS Options: No/off=Check one random public server. Yes=Check public DNS servers. Special=Check DNS servers authoritative for zone/domain.

The authoritative DNS servers for this host are: ns1.n.shifen.com, ns2.n.shifen.com, ns3.n.shifen.com, ns4.n.shifen.com, ns5.n.shifen.com.

Run at: Tue May 21 18:42:35 CDT 2024

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